Thursday, February 2

Heart # 9

Heart # 9 I have called "Cupid".
I decided to embellish this heart with just the one colour of fuchsia silk ribbon, it just seemed to go so well with this print and the blue fabrics.
The seam treatment underneath the print is one of my favourites.
Very simple, just a Chevron stitch with lazy daisy stitch buds finished off with a fly stitch.
I worked in some Fargo roses on cupids blue ribbon..

The little girl in this print looks a bit sad and reminds me of "Orphan Annie" so I've called this heart # 10 "Annie".
I have given this heart a beautiful hand-dyed butterfly, and a spray of lavender tied with a bow.
There's a little spray of bullion stitched flowers to the left of the print and lazy daisy flower and buds on the right..


  1. Julia, this is one of my favorite. I have the print too and love her.

  2. Ribbinwiz, your work is so beautiful! I want to learn how to do silk ribbon embroidery. I have a book coming in the mail, but it doesn't take the place of watching someone do the stitches.

  3. Thank you Iris,
    If we lived close, I would teach you, it's really not to hard, I started off doing a spider web rose and buds.
    I'm sure you will pick it up quite easily.


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