Wednesday, February 1

Heart # 8 Finished..

Heart # 8 is finished
I still think she looks like a "Ruby".
I have kept the embellishing predominately red on this heart.
Feather stitch with little red beads around the print.
A loop flower and a spider web rose with Fargo roses above the print.
I hand-dyed the lace and added Fargo roses
And I thought Ruby should have a chain stitched gold chain necklace.
I left the patterned shiny fabric as it was as it has it's own appeal..


  1. I can seeeeee them. There are little Cherubs up on top of your blog! Can everyone else see them too, or is it just me??? :)

  2. Ruby is lovely and perfect for February!

  3. I never thought about that Iris, good one!
    Now there's an idea, one for each month of the year.
    My birthday is this month so maybe I'll make myself one in amythst

  4. Have you promised Ruby to anyone yet? If you like My little Chickadee maybe we could trade.

  5. Sorry Iris,
    Sherry has claimed Ruby.
    I need to make some some now.


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