Friday, February 10

Heart # 14

Here is heart # 14.
I don't know why but, I struggled to embellish this heart, it did not quite turn out as I wanted it to.
The print is one from the "Pears Soap", collection of posters,
So I'm hoping someone will like it and swap with me..


  1. I think your heart is beautiful, and I am sure someone will snap it up quick smart ... Hugs

  2. Julia, you've bought back a memory. My mum used to have a pears soap bag. It was vinyl, I suppose, and all in sepia tones, and I loved it. I asked her a few years ago if she still had it, but no, she had binned it.

  3. Really a wonderful heart

    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  4. Jo, what a shame your Mum did not keep the pears soap bag.
    I have two other pear soap postcards, framed them and they are hanging in my bathrooms.


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