Saturday, February 25


Every time I start a new piece of embroidery, DH says " Another cushion?"
I don't know what it is about cushions, but I just love them.
Whenever I don't know what to do with a piece, I make it into a cushion.
There's only so much wall space for hanging pictures, but with cushions, you can rearrange them and move them around from room to room much easier than pictures.

This first cushion is using the same crinoline lady design as in the picture I posted yesterday.
This time I used left over curtain fabric for the cushion and lace for the skirt.

I used the same curtain fabric and made this cushion to go with the crinoline lady cushion.
The parasol is made from half a small doily, and I filled it with ribbon flowers.
The handle is just a piece of cord.

This morning I counted 28 cushions around the house that I've made, that's not counting all the ones I've given away.


  1. Julia, the cushions are lovely. You have inspired me to begin on my own crinoline lady and I am sitting here stitching on it now.

  2. Julia, do you put zips into your cushions so they can be laundered or another way? I am hopeless at putting zips in 'anything', so thus all my embroidered designs are sitting in drawers. I'd like to make some into cushions, but those zips, put me right off.
    As you said, you run out of room on walls! lol My Mother, always suggests I start on the ceiling!

  3. Julia, your work is so inspiring! I love both of these projects! I wish I had time to stitch right now. My living room model is so overwhelming and although we're making good headway, all I can think about is getting done so I can get back to having my stitching time.

    I just love your blog and your projects Julia!

  4. Sandie, the ceiling! now there's a thought, but then again Dh would have a fit and most likely divorce me!
    Sometimes i put zips in and sometimes buttons or just an envelope (pillow slip) opening, but that does not look as nice.
    I will see if I can scan a cushion back for you.

  5. Julia! (and I have been calling you Camille...sorry - I just assumed that was your name!!)
    I just adore your cushions, especially the crinoline ladies. Your pictures have given me inspiration on how to utilise some of the boxes of lace I have accumulated - how absolutely gorgeous! I have four of my own embroidered cushion covers which are on display with about 20 others in my linen collection room. I have bought many on eBay, and also have about six patchworked cushions done for me by friends. They are all over the double bed in this room which is also our 'spare room' for the occasional guest who stays overnight, in which case all the cushions have to be moved elsewhere!

  6. Gina,
    Camille is part of my last name.
    I even confuse myself sometimes with what i should be called. Either name is fine with me.
    I'm so gald you are going to use your laces now, have fun making them up and i would love to see what you do.


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