Sunday, February 26

Cushion Openings..

Sandie of abeautifulcraft asked me if I put zips in my cushions.
Sometimes I do and sometimes I just put two buttonholes and buttons on the back opening.
I don't particularly like the pillow slip opening as I don't think they sit very nicely if the cushion filling is nice and plump.
Some people have trouble putting zips in cushion openings, having been a seamstress all my working life I am able to do them quite easily.
I'll try and explain how I do my cushion zips.

I find that putting the zip in the middle of the cushion back is much easier than trying to put it in the edge, especially if there is a frill around the cushion.
Cut the back piece about 3 inches across the width bigger than the front piece, then cut that piece in two halves, this gives you 1 1/2 inches to play with, for putting in the zip.
Place the two half pieces right sides together, come in 3/4 inch from edge and sew top and bottom of opening a little making sure to leave enough opening for the zip.
Tack zip in place and stitch down.
Make sure you open zip at this stage
Place back and front pieces right side together, smooth out , trim off excess and pin around the outside edge, then stitch, turn through to right side and your done.
I like to round off the corners of the cushion, as this makes it easier to stitch around especially if adding a frill

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  1. Thank you so much Julia for taking the time to do this, I will give it another go and feel a bit more confident... am sure I was doing it wrong.


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