Saturday, February 4

Cross Stitched Geese..

Isn't it funny how ones tastes change over the years.
I went through a geese stage, the whole lot , canisters, dinner sets, salt and pepper shakers, oven mitts, anything with geese on it.
Come Christmas, Mother's Day and my birthday, guess what I got for presents.
I found these old cross stitched geese in the cupboard, I can't even remember when I did them, it's so long ago.
If I had of initialed and dated them then, I would know now.

I had these framed in those round hoop type frames, they looked great like that at the time.
Now I'm trying to decide whether to put these into a CQ of some sort, or just leave them as they are.
There's a lot of work that went into them.
I still have the geese canisters, but they're in the cupboard now..

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  1. I am glad to see you actually kept your early cross stitch, Camille, even if you no longer like geese as a theme! So many people just chuck childhood (or early adult) work out after a few years because it doesn't appeal any more, whereas you have the ideal solution: to recycle them into another form.


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