Friday, February 24

Crinoline Lady Design Sheet..

Thank you ladies for your lovely comments on my crinoline lady embroideries.
Pam and Judy asked if there was a pattern for the crinoline ladies, so I am very happy to share this pattern with my bogging friends.
There are no written notes, and as I always tell my class, do their own thing with what you have already learned in class.

I have shrunk the design sheet to half of what it should be for loading on blogger, so you will need to enlarge the design sheet

Finger press fabric horizontally and vertically to find centre.
Place fabric on top of design sheet and line up centres, using a light box trace pattern onto fabric.
There is no need to draw in every flower and leaf, as it would be too hard to cover them all up, so with a HB hard pencil, just pencil in the main outline of the lady, path and arch.
Use pellon to back fabric.
Refer to picture for inspiration and have fun doing your own thing.


  1. Thanks so very much for sharing the pattern with us Julia. You are very sweet. I can't wait to try it. Hugs to you.

  2. Thank you Julia! As soon as we get the ceiling in my living room done, I'm going to make one of these ladies.

    This is just so cute! Thanks again for sharing the pattern.

  3. Thanks Julia for sharing, this is so lovely, am so addicted to crinoline ladies! hugs Sandie

  4. Thank you for the pattern for the crinoline lady. I printed this out and have to try it. Yours are beautiful!


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