Thursday, February 23

Crinoline Ladies..

I'm still having trouble with my ISP, one day I'm able to log online and another day I can't.
A technician is coming today to check the outside line , sure hope he fixes it.
I miss not being able to keep in touch with everyone.

Here are two crinoline lady embroideries that I created a couple of years ago.
These embroidies are framed and I've scanned them through the glass so they are a bit dark and not the best quality pictures.

This first one I taught in my class.
The crinoline lady is walking up the garden path up to the spider web rose covered arch.
Growing along the path are Viola's, Irises and Daisies..

This is my favourite of the two.
The lady is standing under an arch of wisteria and climbing roses.
The skirt is a gorgeous variegated satin ribbon that I ruched up and stitched on in layers


  1. Julia, I love both of these. Are there patterns for them?

  2. Julia, I wanted to ask the same thing, did you have patterns for these or did you design them yourself? I must make one!

    I know I can use one of my vintage transfer patterns but I don't have anything that looks like these lovely little ladies!

  3. Julia, these are so gorgeous! Wasn't one of these (bottom one) one of the ones you had published in Aust Embroidery magazine? You are so clever ...


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