Saturday, February 11

Altered Page Blocks..

I made this block, oh it must be about 2-3 years ago now.
I made it for an altered page swap, but for some reason I still have it.
I think the swap was disbanded after a while, but I do have these two lovely blocks that I received in that swap.
The idea is to put two pages back to back, neaten around the edges, either by stitching around in blanket stitch or your choice of finishing them off, and putting the pages together to form a book.

This altered page came from Juliette Coates in England.

It is titled "A Midsummer Nights Dream", and the words read;
Titania, I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again;
mine ear is much enamored of thy note;
So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape.

And this lovely altered page came from Jocelyn Goodger in New Zealand.

The colours of the cream lace and coffee coloured satin fabric compliment each other so well in this block.
The love letter fits into the envelope and it has a beautiful love poem on the other side.
Both Juliette, Jocelyn and I are in a Cq "Gatherings" group with 27 other ladies.


  1. These are all so beautiful. My sister showed me some quilt blocks with envelopes on them and I have been wanting to try that technique for a while. Jocelyn's is gorgeous.

  2. These are just so precious, oh I want to make some now!!!!!!!
    and of course I love your shoe ... I have your pattern here somewhere in my 'to do' pile of magazines!


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