Friday, January 27

What I'm Working on Now..

One of the ladies in my embroidery group is getting married in April, so we are secrectly making her a wedding gift, I know she won't see this as she dose not go on the computer.
The other six girls and myself are all making up a block with a thread embroidered basket filled with SRE flowers.
The fabric is Ivory satin backed Shantung.
The baskets will all be the same but how we fill the baskets will be our own design.
When all the blocks are done we are going to put them together with alternate plain blocks of the same Shantung, topped with a layer of crystal organza fabric, sprinkled with crystal beads.
It's a bit hard for me to describe it, but you will see pics of it as we put the gift together.
I'm not even sure of what we are making is called, but it's a bit like a runner that sits across the end of the bed.
All I can say is keep watching..

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