Sunday, January 29

Sunday Market Find..

I found this great old tin at the Sunday market this morning, for just $1.
It's a bit rusty and dented, but I think it had to it's charm.
The lid is hinged on, which I thought was very unique.
Inside was a few rusty old screws, a pencil, a piece of paper fold up in the bottom and some bits of metal, I don't know what they are.
When I asked the lady how much, she said "take the lot for a dollar, I want to get rid of it", so take the lot I did.

When I got home and pulled out the paper I was amazed to find it dated back to April 1971 , and 48 pages for the timely sum of 5 cents

At the bottom of the front page is this little piece of news.
Have a read and a chuckle at the article.
And to think he was complaining!!

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