Sunday, January 22

Redwork Stitches..

I was asked what stitches I use on redwork.
I use very basic stitches of Stem stitch, Straight stitch, Back stitch, Chain stitch, and Lazy Daisy stitch.
I like to work the outside lines in two strands of embroidery threads, and finer lines in one strand.
For instance, I would work the outside lines of a dress in two strands of thread to define it more and the folds of the dress in one strand.
Though it is not done in normal redwork, I also like to add tiny red delica beads to the centre of the lazy daisy flowers.
I think the beads just give it that little bit of sparkle, especially if the flowers are on a crinoline lady's dress
Sharon of inaminuteago, has a great dictionary of stitches, you will find all the ones I mentioned and heaps more..


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