Tuesday, January 3

Redwork Progress..

I have been doing a bit more on my Welcome Friends redwork.
It's a lovely one to just sit and stitch without having to think about colours and embellishments, I know that's not being very creative but sometimes that's good and after a day or so makes going back to CQ more fun, with fresh ideas that have been rolling around in my mind..
I still have quite a bit more to do on this piece, but now the design shows up more.
I have just been scanning what will fit in the scanner, but I shall take a photo of the finished piece later..


  1. As much as I admire your quilting work Camille, I have a soft spot for the redwork! I found a few websites which specialised in redwork patterns, books, etc. and I am really keen to do some - hopefully this year! I did actually start a tea towel last year - it was an ebay win, using vintage transfers on a kind of calico that was provided. I only got a bit done, and couldn't make up my mind whether I should continue using all red cotton, or do the other patterns in the colours they suggest. Think I'll stick with the redwork - even if only because it saves so much time not having to change colours!

  2. Thank you Gina,
    Try doing the redwork in the Vaiegated DMC #115 it gives it the lovely shading without changing colours.

  3. Righto - I think I have that one in my stash, so I will dig it out. I received a gorgeous book in the mail today (via ebay) - Red & White Cross Stitch. I have the Blue & White XS book, and couldn't resist this one. Not quite redwork of course, with everything being in cross stitch, but has a similar visual effect.

  4. I love cross stitch too.
    so much to do so little time!


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