Sunday, January 29

Redwork Basket..

I couldn't help myself, I just had to do a redwork basket..
This design is the one I used for the silk ribbon embroidered Wedding Block, and is actually a candlewick design.
The candlewick design was quite large so I resized it to suit the blocks, this one for the redwork is a bit larger than the sre block.
You can just about use any design for redwork.
On the basket, I did a chain stitch using two strands of DMC #115 for the outside lines of the basket and one strand for the criss crossed inside lines.
I purposely chose the darker part of the thread for the outside lines..

Here, you can see the stitching I did on it last night.
I won't fill this basket as much as the sre basket, because it would just be a mess of red stitches, and I would like to be able to see the shape of the flowers and leaves.
When doing redwork, especially flowers and leaves, it's best not to draw in every single petal or leaf, as you will not always be able to cover the pencil lines.
I like to do them freehand using the picture as a guide.
For redwork, I like to draw in the design using a fine medium brown Micron 01 pigma pen, but you do have to be very careful, as once it's on, it stays on, any mistakes you would have to cover up with stitching, and I have had to do that a few times..


  1. did you post this before or after my email?? I should of checked your blog first!!

  2. not sure Jo,
    I don't remember getting an email!


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