Saturday, January 14

Old Linen..

I spent most of yesterday stitching madly to meet a deadline , making a special secrect block for someone special.
I can't show you what I was doing just yet for obvious reasons..
So here are some pics of old linen I picked up at the Good Sammy shop.
This first one looks like a waterlily to me, good buy at 50c.

The work on this pretty purple one is so amazing, the little purple flowers are little pieces of fabric that have been appliqued on and padded to make the flowers stand out.
All but the outside edge is hand worked. Another 50c well spent

This looks like it has one little doiley stitched on top of another, Rick-rack sewn around the outside and buttonholes around the smaller piece.
Can anyone tell me what this would have been used for?

This one looks machine done, but still a pretty rose doiley.


  1. Julia, how big are these? I'm wondering if they're simply doilies or if they're antimascars. Don't know if I spelled that right or not. They're so beautiful. I'm amazed at the variety of old linens I keep seeing. I can't believe how inexpensive they were!

  2. Pam, the water lilly one is 7" across,
    Purple one is 5 1/2"
    Rose one is 7"
    White one is 9" across.
    I had never heard of antimacasar so I looked it up in Dictionary and they would be too small for that.
    That's something new i learned today, thanks for that.

  3. Hi Julia, glad I inspired you! I have some crocheted antimacasars, one set from Ebay and another that my mom bought for me at an antique shop. I really love the old-fashioned look. One of these days, I'd like to make a set using my vintage transfers!

    Your linens are probably doilies then and they are so lovely!


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