Wednesday, January 18

Heart #1 finished..

Heart #1 is finished..
I really enjoyed working on this little heart.
It hardly takes no time at all to do and it's a great size to do in the evening while listening to the telly, there's been nothing worth watching on telly these last few nights.
Here is a bigger pic
I wonder who this heart will go to, I get quite attatched to things I work on, but I do know I will get a beautiful heart in return, so that will be nice..


  1. This is beautiful - but what else would it be. I love the little ribbon butterfly. May I plagarise that please??
    I just swapped my third I have nothing to offer you for this . I will have to wait, but, please, keep sewing them.

  2. Jo, thank you,
    you may copy the butterfly if you wish.
    It's very easy to do, I'm sure you can see how it's done.
    I shall keep making them when I can.


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