Thursday, January 26

Happy Australia Day..

Today the 26th January is our national Australia Day
You can read how we celebrate it here in the west.
We are having a lovely mild day of 27 degrees Celsius today so I think there will be a lot of barbecues getting fired up here.
There's nothing like a barbie, it doesn't matter if you have just eaten, the smell of a neigbours barbecue, just makes you want to have one too
I came to Australia from Malta in 1953 as a 10 year old (that's giving my age away) with my mother and father, and I have to say I call myself an Aussie and proud to be one.
Have a great Australia day ..


  1. LOL - You hide your age well... If I had to guess by the style how you write and the things that you create I ould have thought you were a lady somewhere in your early 40's... Not that it matters but it is interesting how we form opinions about people through their blogs...

    Our Australia Day - Melbourne side was a very hot one...

  2. Sharon, in my 40's, if only!
    but thank you
    I have been watching your weather on the news.

  3. Belated Happy Oz Day to you too, Camille! Hey, I love the WA Website - that was a good idea to put the link on your blog for others to see it. Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!! (Goodness, our o/seas readers must think we are nuts, eh..)

  4. Gina, They most likely do, but who cares!
    Aussie and proud.


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