Friday, January 27

Crochet Crinoline Lady..

Melanie, one of the ladies in my embroidery group, crochet this beautiful crinoline lady for me.
It's a bit big for CQ as it measures 6" high and 6" wide, but I'm sure I will find something special to use it on.
I must tell you about my Wednesday embroidery group of ladies.
Back in 2002, I taught a group of 8 ladies SRE in Spotlight, a craft and fabric store, one of a chain nationally.
The Aussie girls would know of them or have one locally.
These ladies were so keen to learn, we had so much fun and they sure kept me on my toes, trying to come up with new projects for them to do.
I taught them for a whole year at Spotlight and here we are more than three years later, all but one lady still together, taking turns at hosting embroidery mornings at each others homes once a week.
We all get on so well together and we call ourselves "The Crafty Thimbles"..
Which now leads me to my next post...

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