Monday, January 16

Cafe...busy busy busy....

How did I ever have time to raise a family and work full time..
There is sew much to do and sew little time.
Yesterday afternoon I worked a bit more on the cafe quilt, I had a piece of the gold lace left from the main piece, so I attatched that and just below that I worked in a chain stitch vine with apricot lazy daisy flowers.
I added a nice print of a coffee label, stitched a vintage lace frame around it and added loop flowers and buds to the top corner to cover the lace ends.
I'm going to take a break from this quilt for a while to make some hearts for "the chain of hearts" group that I have just joined.
This should be such fun, have a look at some hearts that Chloe has made.
It will be a nice change to work on something different for a while..

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