Monday, January 9

Cafe Au Lait..Top corner.

Well the menu idea DH had did not quite work out, it had to be too big so that the writing could be read, but then it was too big for the corner piece.
In stead I made a little "Special" ad for "Coffee and Cake $6.00"
The beautiful machine embroidered dragonfly was also in the kit, I attatched her on with gold floss around the outside edge.
I feather stitched around the print in that lovely Needle Necessities thread and added little beads to the tips.
Three spider web roses and buds to the left top corner of the print for a bit of contrast colour and a stem stitched heart embellished with Fargo roses and buds.
Still a bit more to do on this piece...

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  1. I have been sitting here drooling...You do absolutely GORGEOUS work!!! I can't wait to check back and see more! Hugs, Sher


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