Saturday, January 7

Cafe Au Lait progress...

Yesterday was a very hot and humid day, it went up to 37+ Celsius.
DH put on a couple of DVD's and we sat under the air con, while I worked on the right bottom corner piece of my cafe block.
In the kit was this lovely print of a vase of flowers and coffee pot, I have ruched some coffee coloured silk ribbon and stitched it around the print catching it down with apricot Fargo roses and a mix of chocolate and copper beads, also in the kit were some lovely coffee coloured glass leaf beads.
I teadyed the bow lace motif and added another loop flower with buds and green leaves.
I added a piece of vintage coffee coloured eyelet lace inserted with ribbon and worked in a squigly seam treatment above the bow...
Dh had a great idea for one of the other corner pieces that I will try today, I won't tell you what it is in case it doesn't work..

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