Wednesday, January 4

Cafe Au Lait #5

Yesterday was a funny day, we woke up to a dull, drizzly overcast day.
Now it's suppose to be the middle of summer, where we usually have temps in the high 30 degree Celsius.
It was a good day to sit and create a bit more on my Cafe Au Lait quilt.
I thought the coffee mug looked a bit bare, so I filled it with flowers, a loop petal flower,(these seem to be popping up all over my quilt), spider web and Fargo roses with buds.
At the bottom I have added a lace heart motif with coffee coloured beads and another loop flower in the centre.

On the right hand side, I worked in this gorgeous little basket by weaving in the Needle Necessities thread I mentioned a few days ago and filled it with roses and buds finishing off with a apricot bow.

I seem to be sticking with the same colour ribbons and threads, but as much as I have tried to break out into another colour, these seem to work best on this block.

I am more of a Burgundy and pinks and deep Victorian colours kinda gal, I'd love to know what you think...

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