Monday, December 26

That Was Christmas...

Well, that's Christmas for another year...
We had the most wonderful day with family, outdoors by the pool at our son's home.
It was just lovely to see the grand children's faces as they opened their presents.
Our son outdid himself again with the Christmas lunch, he makes it look so easy preparing food for about 25, but then again he is a chef.
Lunch was very much in the European style and started off with platters of olives, sundried tomatoes, marinated eggplant, prosciutto, Turkish bread, fetta cheese etc.
Then out came chili mussels in a wonderful sauce.
We then helped ourselves from a choice of king prawns, oven cooked whole fish, racks of lamb, pastry parcels of turkey with cranberry sauce made to look like bon-bons, chicken and apricot terrines and several different salads.
Later on there were the desserts ( my undoing) of trifle, little glazed fruit/pastry baskets and more...
But, of course food aside, the best part is just being with family, sharing the day, remembering the meaning of the day and being grateful for our blessings...

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  1. I am glad you mentioned your son is a chef...I felt completely demoralised, imagining trying to prepare all that food for 25 people!!!!


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