Friday, December 9

Redwork Finished...

I have really enjoyed working on this redwork crinoline lady.
I found it very relaxing to work on, and very portable to take with me when meeting with friends for a sewing morning.
I can see myself doing a lot more redwork.
Now, how to finish it off into a cushion!
Shall I add a frill of burgundy fabric with cream lace on top, or just an all cream frill aroung the edge...


  1. I never thought of stitching the Crinoline lady in redwork, or in variegated thread - thanks for the tip! I have heaps of transfers to use, but can never decide what colours to choose. Found you via Sharon at Beyond The Blank Page. She found you at Calidore's!

  2. thank you Gina,
    I love both redwork and crinoline ladies, so I put the two together.
    I visit your page every day.

  3. I think that this one of the prettiest crinoline ladies I have seen in ages... I love the the redwork... Would you mind if I took a copy of it?


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