Friday, December 30

More Cafe Au Lait..

Here is a bit more of my Cafe Au Lait block.
Yesterday as soon as I saw the gorgeous ribbons from my friend Pat in the states, I knew what I wanted to do on the block and was inspired to work on the centre piece first.
I teadyed the lace frame, stitched it down over the centre vintage print.
I then worked in a 7 petalled loop flower in a lovely chocolate 13mm silk ribbon from the kit, then worked in 5 loop petals in the grape 7mm ribbon in the centre of that. I added some Fargo roses in the grape ribbon and trailed off with chocolate buds to each side of the big flower, ( sounds yummy, doesn't it!) and finished of the buds with the lovely teal green ribbon leaves.
I scanned the coffeepot off a piece of fabric I have, shrunk it to size, printed it off on fabric and blanket stitched it with gold floss.
Now what next to do...


  1. A nice colour and an exciting theme.
    And so many beautiful presents you have got
    Ulla in the north of Sweden


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