Friday, December 16

Christmas Lunch...

Well, that's the last Christmas lunch get together now until Christmas day..
This lunch was for my Wednesday embroidery group ladies.
Our Dh's came along to this lunch, which made me feel a bit better for all the other times I had to leave him at home.
Except for the bad service at the restaurant.. 1 hour and 40 minutes waiting for our lunch orders, we had so much fun!.
We all took a gift and had a secrect Santa draw, I drew three lovely bells all covered with sequins.
The blue beaded bauble was a gift to all of us from one of the girls
Then while we waited and waited and waited for our lunch to come we played a little game, I don't really know what it's called.
The ladies took two cheap wrapped fun gifts from the $2 shop, we all got a gift each, exchanged by drawing numbers.
We opened our gifts, some got lovely little gifts and some got silly gifts like tooth picks, that's part of the fun.
Then each person took turns at throwing a dice, and if they threw a six that person could look around and change their fun gift with another he or she might like better.
Well the dice went around the table several times, gifts were being changed left right and centre.
My Dh husband had a box of Roses chocolate which cost more than $2 and every one was after those, after losing them about 3 times he finally ended up winning them back just as the food was being brought out, by this time everyone was really ready to eat..
I ended up with a cute Santa with floppy legs that when he is sitting on a shelf his legs hang down.

My son has a restaurant, but is a good hours drive away, we should have gone there.
He says no one should have to wait any longer than 20 minutes for a meal to be served, even with the drive up we would have got our meal quicker!...

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