Friday, December 2

A Bit of Eye candy...

Now that my Victorian Fan quilt is finished I don't have anything much to write about just now.
With all the preparation for Christmas, lunches to attend etc., I don't really want to start anything new till after Christmas, so I have gone back to working on my hexagon Grandma's Garden quilt for a while.

Here are some CQ blocks I have made and really do need to frame them or make them up into wallhangings.
I love this block of Pansies and Lace, I made this block a couple of years ago and it won me a judges choice in a Pansies and Lace competition.

This is another favourite of mine.
I had not been doing Cq for long when I created this block.
I had just started to do the prints onto fabric and I just loved this print of the little girl.

A dear friend Mary in a CQGatherings group that I belong to, had created a beautiful underwater theme block.

I was inspired by her block, and with Mary's help and guidance I was able to make this block of my own.

Have a busy day ahead, so must go and get a move on...

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  1. How lovely!
    I have no idea what the "inspiration" sea block looked like, but yours is gorgeous!


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