Tuesday, November 22


I'm still working on my fan quilt, so I don't have anything new CQ wise to share with you today.
I have been here for a couple of months now, and I would like to invite you into my home, and share with you a few of my favourite little corners of my home.
This is the hat stand just inside the front door, here I love to display my favourite things, everything except the hats I made my self.
The old vintage brass vase belonged to my dear mother.

This is some of my teddy bear collection, I have them all over the house.
I have made most of them, except for paddington bear of course, the bear wearing a frilly collar in the middle of the bottom shelf is called Jemma and has eyelashes, she is so cute...

Here is where I sit and stitch,it's not normaly this tidy.
The trunk that I use as my table top is full of Aussie craft books, 8 years worth in fact, gosh! I hate to add up how much $$$ I must have spent on them.
Dh had to put wheels on the trunk as we just could not move it without have to empty it all first.

In this corner is a little shelf unit my Dh made, on this, is my collection of pottery Aussie outdoor dunnies.
For those not familar with these, years ago these were the norm to have outdoor toilets in the back yard with just a bucket that was collected by the local shire once a week. Thank goodness, they are long gone!

In this picture is a quilt I did about 4 years ago before Cq, when I was doing mainly country style quilts, hanging next to the quilt is a Christmas CQ bellpull.
I don't know if you can see it very well, but up on the shelf is a very old vintage box that was my sewing box at primary shcool, I used to think it was quite big, but looking at it now, I don't know how I fitted all my sewing stuff in it.

I hope you enjoyed your visit into my home, please come by again, the door is always open to friends.


  1. Thanks for the tour of your home. I feel like I know you now! LOL...if my house was as neat as your's I'd post pictures too. But I never seem to get ahead of the game of cleaning!


  2. I will agree with karen on this one... I am a real 'sticky nose' I love looking in other people's houses...

  3. Was really nice looking through your lovely home and your favorite corners!!!!!!!!! Love everything .. we are so alike!!!


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