Friday, November 18

Christmas Ornies

Everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit, and swapping ornies.
My online CQGatherings group is also doing a secrect ornie swap.
My group consists of 30 wonderful ladies,
Two ladies in NZ, one in the UK, 26 in the USA and myself in Australia.
These are the ornies I'm am sending over the big ocean to the states to my secrect buddy.
I have been asked how I made up the round ornie so I thought I would share how I made it up, I'm sure you have seen them before and may know how to make them ,anyway here goes.

You will need:
3 different pieces of Christmas fabric, gold fabric looks especially good.
Plain Steel pins.
Gold braid to go around ball.
3" Polystyrene ball.
Ribbon for hanging and a bow.
2 gold sequins
Clear drying craft glue

Cut fabric into 2" x 2 1/2" pieces.
Fold the larger 2 1/2 " side in half.
Then fold to make a prairie point, press to hold it's shape.
The ball I used had a halfway mark around it
Starting at the base of the ball, using plain steel pins, pin right inside the tip of the prairie point to the ball.
Pin four points, tip to tip to meet each other around the base of the ball, place a few pins at the bottom of each prairie point to hold in place while you pin on the next row, you may need to leave some in place.
Next row eight points: Repeat overlapping the points so as to cover fabric, again pinning inside the points to hide pins.
Third row: The same, you may need to use 9-10 points to cover.
This should take you to the half way mark up on the ball, adjust the points to make sure they do end up on the half way mark
Now Start at the other end of the ball and do the same, meeting up to the other points at the half way mark .
To cover the raw edges where the two rows of prairie points meet:
Glue a nice wide gold braid around where the two rows of points meet at the half way mark.
Glue a piece of hanging ribbon and a pretty bow over the join of the braid to cover.
Finish off by pinning a sequin at each end where the four prairie points meet.
So easy to make and looks great also as door knob decor ...

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