Thursday, November 17

Another Block Finished..

Well block # 5 is finished..
It's a great feeling to have another block finished, just one more to do now and I can start putting the quilt together.
Again I have just scanned what will fit in the scanner, I sure wish they made a bigger scanner. One about 12 inches square would be great!
I will take a picture of the whole quilt when I put it together.
On this block, I beaded a Victorian cabochon and added it to the block on top of a lovely dyed lace motif.
I just had to add another wisteria vine next to the vintage basket charm.
I also added other favorite flowers like the Iris, and Fuchsia.
Above the pink bow, I stitched in a spray of a lazy daisy flower and buds, then inside the petals I added some little delica beads for sparkle.
I have a pressing deadline for this quilt so off I must go to do some boring housework and then more CQ stitching...

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  1. I like your fushias - they are just the right size


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