Sunday, October 9

Well, it's Sunday here today and I'm up early, have had breakfast, read the Sunday paper and straight onto the computer so I can practice working on my blog.
There is so much to learn and I am not a computer wizz, that's for sure!
Yesterday afternoon I sat and worked on my Grandma's garden quilt, it's all coming together beautifully.
I am hand paper piecing the 3/4 inch hexagons in the 1930's reproduction fabric ( which I love) with cream muslin surrounds.
I'm not sure how big it will be, but I think I will make in into a table cloth.


  1. I love the grandmothers flower garden pattern and particularly when its is done is small hexagons - i bet it will be a real gem when its finnished

  2. Hello :) Love the 1930's grandma's garden. I have a stash of these fabric waiting for the day I make that rerpo project - this pattern is one I keep coming back to - just seems to 'fit'. A tablecloth os a great idea - lots more people will get to enjoy it that way :)

  3. I went and bought an incomplete 'flower garden' quilt top complete with its stash from an op shop about 2 years ago - hmmm - could be longer... I have a largish panel of completed blocks and a lot of material to do more...And... it looks very 'chic' hanging over the back of a chair on which my old dolls are sitting -hanging threads and all!!!! Will I ever complete it - doubtful... But I have always wanted one so this one might have to do... Yours looks lovely - keep it up... Like 'flower garden' quilts blogging takes patience, perseverence, and persitant wit :-)

  4. Julia, Your Grandmother's flower garden is beautiful. You are doing the same as me - a centre surrounded by one row of petals then cream fabric. I'm still patiently quilting my 2 1/2 inch hexagons one at a time but the whole quilt measures approximately 10feet x 12 feet so I could be going for years!!


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