Sunday, October 16

Victorian Quilt Blocks

I took some time off my grandma's garden quilt and started piecing the Victorian CQ quilt.
I have had two wonderful productive days working on my Victorian quilt blocks.
So far I have pieced five blocks, I had forgotten how fiddly and time consuming piecing blocks can be, not to mention the mess in my sewing room, bits of fabric everywhere!
I am piecing all the blocks in the one colour scheme, burgundies, dusty pink, olive green, gold and black .
As for the 1/4 circle base of the fan, I'm not sure if I will piece that in black or Burgundy, I shall see what all the blocks look like when laid out together.

Blocks number 1 and 2,
The pictures taken with the camera do not show the true colours. The reds are more a deep Burgundy.

This block has a beautiful silk print of a young lady with roses in her hair, this will look lovely will ribbon roses.

Block #3

I have a lovely Cameo cabochon to go on this block

Block #4

Block #5 Oppps! it's upside down, ( still learning)
it has a hand holding a basket of pansies.

Three blocks to go, I shall have so much fun embellishing these blocks, that is definitely the the part I love best about CQ

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  1. Oh, how lovely! It truly does have that Victorian look! Can't wait to see what you do for embellishing!


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