Saturday, October 22

Painted Lace

Had a lovely afternoon yesterday painting some lace for my fan quilt.
I took everything outside under the patio, the sun was shinning, the birds in the trees were singing and I had a lovely relaxing time lace painting to my hearts content.
Today it's raining.... what a sudden change in the weather!
So today I started doing the embellishing.
Now that I have started, I can't put it down...
I do one area and just have to go on and do another area, and another.
Oh dear, I can see me getting behind on other things that need doing, like housework!

This is what I've done on block # 1 so far.
Here I have stitched some of my favourite flowers, a wisteria vine and a little clump of Iris flowers.
Embellished a brass fan charm with pink forget-me-not roses and a bow.
The beautiful cameo is stitched onto a machine embroidered metallic motif a friend in the States made and kindly sent me, then finished off with a row of oil slick beads around the cameo.

This is block # 8
I'm not doing the blocks in any particular order, just what I feel like doing at the time.
I left this lace frame motif it's natural colour , I felt as the blocks are pieced up in quite dark colours , this block needed this for a bit of a lift.
The silk print is of Queen Victoria, and finished off with little roses and buds framing the print.

Must go and prepare tonights dinner...


  1. Oh my goodness! Everything is so beautiful! Where do you find your beautiful lace and appliques? I love to paint lace too but have a difficult time finding pieces like yours. I'm in the US.

    Can't wait to see what you do next on your quilt. It's very very Victorian looking and I'll enjoy watching your progress.

  2. Thank you Pam,
    I got my lace from
    in the US. NAYY and all that!.
    You have a lot more places to buy stuff over there than we do here


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