Tuesday, October 11

Katrina Block Finished

After days of having a creative block and not knowing what to do next on my Katrina block, I finally got a burst of inspiration.
Pansies being for thoughts, I decided to add an out stretched helping hand holding a posy of pansies, to represent our thoughts for the survivors.
In keeping with the happy Mardi Gras feel, I stem stitched in the word "Mardi Gras" in different coloured threads.
Then I just had to add the traditional spider for good luck in the hope that this disaster never happens again.
Now to write up my notes about my block and send it off to Sharon B


  1. Oh what a beautiful block! You have inspired me to want to work on my block. But I will have to wait until I get home tonight!


  2. Gosh you are a quick worker - Its a lovely block


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