Monday, October 24

Family Bellpull

Today, I thought I would post some Pics of my family bellpull that I made earlier this year.
I tried to capture the victorian feel with pink and burgundy silk fabrics, hand dyed laces and SRE
I just love this bellpull, I'm hoping my family will treasure this for years to come.
This pic shows my father-in-law after World War 11
I never did get to meet him, much to my dissapointment.

This pic is of my DH as a young boy before he came to Australia

This is me, about 3 years old, check out the huge bow on my hair!

here is my Dad, as a young man in the Navy

My beautiful mother, who I miss very much, as a young 18 year old

This bellpull hangs just inside my front door.


  1. Oh, how beautiful! Yes, it does look like a true victorian CQ! Do you have a photo of the entire piece? I love your cameos too! I'm sure you'll find a perfect place to use them.

  2. This family bell pull is amazing Julia ...... I'd love to do something along these lines!


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