Friday, October 7

Camille's Place

Hi, my name is Julia,
I live with my husband of 44 years in Western Australia
I have been a sewer all my life and love Cq, ribbon embroidery and all things Victorian


  1. As you can see, I am new to all this, already I have made a mistake.
    I should have said "I live with my husband of 44 years"

  2. Hi Julia, That's easy to fix. Just go back into your profile, click on edit and add "years". So far you're doing great! I'm looking forward to seeing what you publish next.

  3. Looks wonderful - have got you saved. :)


  4. Welcome to the world of blogging... We all (well most of us :-) started out 'making mistakes' you will soon get the hang of it... There are many willing souls who will 'give you a hand' Look forward to reading more...

  5. Welcome to blogging - it is very, very addictive :-) and mistakes are part of the learning curve - says me who can spend hours trying to change/improve my blog.

  6. Hi Julia, I am a blogger too. It is fun, but I need to learn a lot. You are doing very well with your blog. Have fun!


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