Wednesday, February 22

Pinterest quilts in the making...

While scrolling through Pinterest quilts found on several boards..
Lovely to see them again....being shared and enjoyed out there with the quilting community.
The medallion drunkards path quilt was made in 9 quilt as you go sections.....hand quilting each section separately. A great way to handle a large quilt.
Love this new blogging app....just wish I knew how to resize the photos on here.....

Hope everyone is having a lovely week....🌹


Saturday, February 18

Beginners Luck...a little more progress.


Getting there, just two more rows, then borders.
The one on cover of the book is done in 1930's repro....very pretty.

Really need to set up a design wall somewhere..

P.S....sorry if the photo is too big, found a great app that works beautifully, but I need to work out how to resize photos...

Have a lovely weekend.. 🌹

Thursday, February 16

Lois's Beautiful Doily Quilt..

Last Tuesday at my patchwork group, we were treated to this beautiful eye candy.
Isn't this just so amazing. Lois's doily quilt, if only the doilies could talk. 
What stories they hold hidden forever, that we shall never know .  Perhaps a young girls handwork for her hope chest, a beloved grandmas embroidery passion. 
Some doilies were Lois's, some gifted and some from op shops...
This will surely become a family heirloom...
Lois reads my blog, please leave her a comment, she will be thrilled to read them...

Have a lovely day...🌹

Wednesday, February 15

Baby quilt..

Sunny Pinwheels baby quilt, for my DGD when baby was due very soon.
We didn't know until the beautiful day whether we were waiting for a boy or I made this Pretty, to be on the safe side.

Fast forward, my gorgeous great grandchild is a beautiful baby girl...already 4weeks old.
I don't like to share too much without family consent...
Truly blessed..

Have a lovely day...Julia 🌹

Monday, February 13

Pineapple Stars....

Here I am again, persevering. I'm going to blog one way or another.
Not having much luck with blogging apps, so doing this the long way ...the only way for now...
this is what I had to do.
Take photo with my it to my laptop, save it to folder, then blog from my laptop. A lot of messing about, but at least I can blog that way. 
Have you noticed, even Picasa is gone.....all my photos that were there are gone....
"Not happy Jan " Aussie friends will remember that TV commercial...
Crazy weather here, hot, record temperatures as never had before ..with dangerous fires on the east coast.    My heart and thoughts go out to those affected , who have lost property, heartbreaking...stay safe..
Here on the west coast, it's been raining for days, record rain..... flooding....heartbreaking for many.
Where's our summer!!